Concert Booking

If you would like to invite us to share a concert in your area or church, please fill out the following form.  Also, below are answers to some of the most common questions we received. We look forward to discussing the concert possibility with you and trying our best to make it happen.   Blessings, Matt & Josie


Commonly asked Questions:

  • What does a concert cost? We ask for our travel expenses to be covered. That is   usually around $100-$200. We also ask for a free-will offering, and the opportunity to sell our CD's if it is not during Sabbath hours. 
  • What are your lodging needs? We are happy to stay in a hotel, motel, or with someone who is willing to house us. Please note though, we have a newborn now so not all nights are quiet ones. LOL Also, we may need more than one night depending on the timing of the concert, but we can discuss that as we finalize a request.
  • How long is a concert? We typically share for about 1 hour and 15 minutes, but we can adjust the length to fit the needs of the church or venue. 
  • Do you have Audio/Visual needs? Not typically. We have our own sound system that works in almost all venues, but for some extremely large buildings, we may need to work with the local sound system. This can be discussed and determined ahead of time.
  • How much time will you need before the concert for setup and soundcheck? We will need 3 hours for setting up our sound equipment and having soundcheck. This cannot be done with other events or meeting happening in the same space; for example: Bible studies, classes, other musical events practices, etc.
  • Would this be a good program to invite friends and neighbors too, even if they are not Christians? Yes, especially if we are informed that this will be used for more than just the local church body. The stories we share behind the writing of our songs are honest and relatable.


Concert Request Form

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Contact Person's Name
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Contact Phone Number
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Prefered Concert Date
Prefered Concert Date
Please recognize that the date you request may not be available, but we will do our best to accommodate your request.
Smaller crowds will not deter us, this is ministry. Knowing the approximate numbers helps us in being prepared logistically and book our tour appropriately.
Will it be possible for us to sell our CDs after the concert? (excluding Sabbath hours)
Please share your vision/purpose for this event. Who is it for and what are you hoping will be achieved? How long would you like this program to go for?