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Mattatouille Seasonings!

Mattatouille is a small gourmet seasoning company. Every fall we take home-grown peppers, and special herbs, to make the very best hand made seasonings on the market.  

This year we had 10 different seasonings available, details of each are listed below. 


TNT is a pure hot pepper with no other added herbs or seasonings. It is an extremely rich flavored hot pepper that blends great with just about anything. Use it the way you would use cayenne. Try it on pastas, soups, sandwiches, and especially biscuits and gravy!  (Medium Heat)


“TNT isn’t just good, it’s great. Hands down, the best seasoning on my table. It’s full of flavor with just the right amount of heat.”
— Ty
“I feel like the spiciness of TNT is just right—not too hot, just enough to taste like a “fiesta” in my mouth.”
— Meranda

Original #7

The Original 7 is a flavor enhancing seasoning that brings just about anything to life. We have enjoyed it in bean soups, potato soup, sandwiches, avocado toast, pasta salads... I think we've added it to just about everything savory and loved it. This is Josie's personal favorite in the Mattatouille line.  (Medium-Hot)

“Mattatouille Seasonings Original #7 is my go to seasoning. It has incredible flavor while not being too spicy. I use it on almost all of my savory food whether it’s pasta, roasted veggies, avocado toast, or soup and I have even been known to eat it straight out of the bottle!”
— Shandra

Smoked #7

The # 7 series is a flavor enhancing seasoning that brings just about anything to life. The Smoked 7 is a Medium-Hot spice level with a nice, rich smokey undertone. We have enjoyed it on bean soups, sandwiches, tofu, potatoes, etc. If you like a smokey flavor this is the seasoning for you.  (Medium/Hot Heat)

Sizzling #7

Sizzling #7 is a very spicy version of the Original #7 with an intense twist. We have enjoyed it on bean soups, sandwiches, burritos, avocado toast, pasta, potatoes, etc.  (Hot Heat)

The Schroeder (#11)

"The Schroeder" was almost a missed victory in spice making. I was intending to make a seasoning that would be suited for asian noodle dishes, but when I tried in on them it was not very good. I put it in my spice drawer and thought it was a failure. Weeks later some friends (the Schroeder family) came over for dinner and pulled it out to try on the soup and salad. They thought it was great, and I thought they were crazy, that is until I tried it. WOW! It goes well with so many things, almost as versatile as the 7 series. Just don't put it on Asian food.  (Medium Heat)


“This seasoning has such a unique twist to its flavor that it makes you want to go and grab it for pretty much any dish of the day, but my favorite things to put it on are soups, pizza, veggies, and salads. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed if you add this one to your seasonings shelf.”
— Meranda

Smoked Habanero (NEW)

Smoked Habanero is a versatile seasoning that captures the rich earthy flavor of Habanero without being too hot. A nice faint hickory smoke flavor rounds out this seasoning and has become one in my top 3 favorite seasonings. I've enjoyed it on most all savory foods from Italian to Mediterranean.  (Medium/Hot Heat)

“I have purchased multiple of the “Hatched Tofu,” “Smoked 7,” and my seasoning for all occasions “Smoked Habanero.” I literally put it on everything (almost even on my Cheerios one morning). I love these seasonings because they have a ton of flavor but aren’t super salty as most big box brands. I love different seasonings (I’m kind of a foodie) and these are probably the best I have tasted!!!”
— Eric
“I ate TWO whole bagels after already getting full on breakfast JUST to enjoy the taste of Smoked Habanero on them! Now that is some INCREDIBLE seasoning!”
— Aleksandra B.

Pepe Italiano (NEW)

Pepe Italiano is now one of my personal favorites. It was made with the goal in mind of a seasoning that would be amazing on Italian food, but it far exceeded my expectations. It's a flavor-enhancing seasoning unlike anything I have made yet. If you like #7 series, you'll want to try this.  (Medium Heat)

“I wasn’t expecting much, Italian seasonings hardly impress me, and then I tried Pepe Italiano. It began with a gentle onslaught of savory goodness that encompassed a perfect blend of herbs and Italian genius. My taste buds exploded with the brilliancy of Italian flavor. It was as if the secret ingredient to all amazing Italian food was introduced to my mouth in a concentrated dose. And then came the irresistible aftertaste that lingered my mouth for almost an hour. Pepe Italiano is dangerously addictive.” - Danny G.

Hatched Tofu (Vegan Egg Flavor)

You're probably thinking, "what is this supposed to taste like?" To make a long story short, I am allergic to eggs. Ever since I was a little boy I couldn't eat eggs because of a violent asthmatic reaction. This of course made me want to figure out how to make something that tasted like eggs. Well, here it is!

For anyone that can't eat eggs for various reasons, or just chooses to be a vegan, now you can add the flavor of eggs to your food. I use it on my "scrambled tofu," "tofu egg salad sandwiches," or anything else I would like a nice fried egg flavor on. It is 100% vegan, even though you won't believe it when you try it.

Lewis - a cheesy vegan popcorn seasoning

Lewis is a cheesy, vegan popcorn seasoning that will give your popcorn a nice cheddar flavor, but don't just use it on popcorn, its great add to many other foods.

If you like the idea of a spicy nacho cheese, try Clark.

Clark: a spicy, vegan cheesy popcorn seasoning

Clark is a spicy, cheesy, vegan popcorn seasoning that will give your popcorn a nice nacho flavor, but don't just use it on popcorn, its great add to many other foods.  (mild/medium heat)

If you would rather not have the spiciness, try Lewis.